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Work abroad

International job placement is a passport to new career opportunities. Discover your true potential. Work on interesting projects in international teams.

We meet the strict requirements related to the possession of relevant certificates, so our employees can be confident that they are employed by proven, reliable companies in accordance with the law of the country.

In order to improve the recruitment of foreign workers, we employ specialists speaking languages ​​of the countries where the work is offered. Our specialists will answer any questions related to employment, help to arrange transport and find accommodation.  In addition, they provide support   in understanding the provisions of the Labor Law, as well as in corresponding with the administrative authorities.

International job placement by WB Staffing is:

we send our staff only to proven and reliable customers.

on behalf of the employee we negotiate an agreement with the employer. Personal consultant talks over the rights and duties of the employee before signing the agreement.

Training and Certificates
we take care of documentation guaranteeing the best-paid jobs abroad.

if necessary, we arrange accommodation.

Care on site
We provide support of a Polish speaking consultant who helps to become acclimatized in a new environment.

Free work agency
We do not charge any fees from employee!
Register in our database and we will send you safely to work in Europe. Our specialists will contact you to begin the recruitment process.